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Welcome to America’s Basenji Rescue!

Our mission is to ensure the placement of Basenjis in a safe and loving way, with the least amount of upset to the Basenji being placed. Our goal is the placement into a loving home first and foremost with the Basenji in mind first and foremost

SamOur volunteers have experienced Basenji owners who show, breed or who are owners of beloved pets. As a group, we offer many years of experience for living and working with the Basenji breed, with all of its unique traits which make them so very special.

The first thought that most people have when seeing a dog in rescue/adoption is that the dog must be a bad dog to have lost its home. But read below why it happens.

Basenjis may not be welcomed in the new homes brought about by divorce or separation.The new landlord might not accept dogs.

A move because of a change in job location. A change in jobs or a new baby, where the Basenji is not getting the needed attention and crated more than is desirable.

The birth of children and the dog was never socialized with children and may have issues. The death of the owner and other family members do not want the dog. Basenjis surrendered because of advancing age or chronic illness.

PennySomeone purchases a cute Basenji puppy from a pet store, not knowing anything about the breed. They become frustrated with trying to raise and train the puppy and just want it gone. Some owners surrender dogs at shelters or just dump them.

Owners have been known to leave dogs at boarding facilities or veterinarians and never pick them up. Some merely open the car door, let them loose and let the animal be picked up by animal control as a stray if they are lucky. An owner is not knowledgeable about raising Basenjis, and the dog starts developing behavioral problems that the owner doesn’t know how to solve and does not know who to contact anyone for help. A puppy mill is shut down or goes out of business.

Private Dog Parks Offer Safety and Fun for Dogs and Owners

Like visiting public dog parks but tired of dealing with aggressive dogs? Consider joining a private dog park for a safe, fun alternative – and a fee.

For many dog owners, public dog parks are great places to exercise and socialize their furry friends. But not everyone favors dog parks. In fact, some dog owners avoid them altogether, for reasons ranging from lack of interest to a fear of encountering aggressive dogs. However, now there’s a new type of dog park emerging – the private dog park – and it just may get even the most anti-dog park people to change their minds about these recreational venues for dogs.

Private vs. Public Dog Parks

Dog Park in AtlantaSo how are private dog parks different from public dog parks? For one thing, private dog parks aren’t free. Membership rates vary from park to park, but most private dog parks offer daily monthly or yearly rates. For the fee, members can expect everything from dogs prescreened for temperament and vaccinations to staff-enforced rules to plenty of fenced-in space for exciting, off-leash activities – “extra steps [that] are rarely if ever, taken” at public dog parks.

In short, private dog parks offer a safer alternative to public dog parks, along with more acreage and amenities. Many private parks have lakes for swimming and water activities as well as playgrounds for dogs, agility and other training courses, trails, areas to relax, even shops for treats. The grounds are also well kept and supervised. But every park is different and, often depending on its membership fees, can range from simple to extravagant.

High End Dog Parks

Cincinnati’s WagsPark, for example, is one of the country’s high-end private dog parks. For an annual membership fee of $325 or a $15-day visit, dogs and their owners can enjoy three acres of fenced ground, including a lake with dock diving, agility and speed courses, and a large playground for dogs. But safety and comfort are also a perk at WagsPark, where all dogs must pass a professionally-administered temperament test before joining.

California dog beachIf your dog likes to swim and lives in southwestern Michigan, there’s Meadow Run in Kalamazoo. Located on 25 acres, Meadow Run includes 12,000 square feet of swimming area with a beach for dogs. And if that’s not enough, there are plenty of extras for the active dog – agility equipment, dock diving, balls, and more. Membership runs a little higher, at $365 per year for one dog, plus a $35 administration fee. Not every breed is allowed at Meadow Run, though. Exclusions include the American bulldog and pit bull terrier.

Budget Dog Parks

For a little less money, the multi-acre Dog Wood Parks in Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida, deliver fun in the form of amenities galore, such as swimming ponds, benches, picnic tables, walking trails, agility equipment, sand piles for digging, Frisbees, and balls. Annual fees are around $280, but monthly rates are also available. To help alleviate aggressiveness at the parks, male dogs over seven months old must be neutered.

Looking for something less spendy? Private dog park seekers can find smaller, simpler parks around the country, too, for minimal fees. Beverly’s Bark Park in Fishers, Indiana, is one example. This private dog park offers four acres of well-maintained, fenced-in space for dogs and their owners to run, play, and exercise. Amenities include water and waste cleanup stations, Frisbees, tennis balls, a separate area for small dogs, benches, shade, and enforced behavior rules – all for $140 per year.

Where to Find a Private Dog Park

Not sure whether your city has a private dog park? The best way to find out is to contact local parks and recreation departments and veterinary offices. Or an online dog park directory for information. If no private dog park can be found nearby, be patient. Private dog parks are growing in number, and one may soon come to your area.

Although private dog parks can be costly, they’re worth it for many dog owners. Private dog parks offer safety and off-leash fun for dogs and their human companions in a clean, healthy environment. It’s no wonder they’ve become sought after by more and more dog owners – even those formerly opposed to dog parks.

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