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Which Dog is Better: Pure or Mixed Breed?


If you have a dog, the first thing people usually ask is, “Is it a pure or mixed breed?” The answer is almost always automatic, but looking back, you think why it is a common question to ask. People do not mean to be rude, they are just curious, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you have a dog that isn’t common-looking, do not be surprised if people take a second look. For example, if you are living in Southeast Asia and you have a German pointer which is quite rare in the area, Then many, for sure, will get curious and ask you about your dog. If you have a mixed breed (and it happens to be cute!), for sure many will get even more curious.

Many are super curious about dogs because first off, lots of people love pets in general. Sometimes, the media gets crazy about news on animal cruelty that draws in people who are passionate about the issue. Social media and news channels get filled up with comments and sentiments from people from all over the world. Sometimes, news on animal cruelty gets to be more trending than other issues such as on politics, society, and economics. It just goes to show how people love their pets and want to save some $ with Rover promo codes, and this feeling is widespread all over the world.

Aside from the obvious reGerman shorthaired pointers are often mistaken for mixed breedsasons that a pure breed comes from just one ancestry, and a mixed dog breed is the product of different races, other differences define pure and mixed breeds as you will see below. If you have been looking into purchasing or adopting a new dog, then it is crucial for you to know what’s best for you. Choosing between a pure or mixed breed is an important decision to make because a dog becomes a part of your family. You cannot just give him/her away if you don’t feel like taking care of the dog anymore.

So, to answer the question, “Which dog is better, pure or mixed breed?” let us get to the details:

1. Are you taking care of the dog for keeps, or you plan to be a licensed breeder?

As we all know, pure breeds are always costlier to buy compared with mixed breeds. The price difference may be because of pure breeds having more research to back them up. Therefore, it is easier to manage and to predict their behavior. Many people also believe that pure breeds are easier to take care of compared with mixed breeds because they have general characteristics that you can see down the line. This extensive research on pure breeds may be the biggest price that you pay for when you choose them.

If you are a new owner and you intend to become a licensed breeder in the future, then there is no doubt that you must choose pure breeds. You will get more clients, and you will be able to sell your pups at a higher premium. You can also train your dogs and start joining dog competitions. If you have professional breeding and competing in mind, go for pure breeds.

2. Do you want a more resilient dog or you don’t mind a high-maintenance dog?

In general, many people say that mixed breeds are more resilient dogs compared to pure breeds. It may be because of two breeds canceling each other’s weaknesses, and highlighting each other’s strengths. For example, if you mix a Lhasa Apso and Pomeranian, you can either get a medium-sized dog that has the cute facial features of a Pomeranian but is less hyperactive, or a small-sized dog that has the long front beard of a Lhasa Apso but is agile.

Big long-haired dogs are high maintenancePure breeds require a high maintenance compared to mixed breeds because they get to bring with them the weak traits of their ancestors. Therefore, you always have to make sure you are keeping abreast with their potential sicknesses and should be strict with their diet and lifestyle so as not to exacerbate the risks.

Ultimately, there is no “better” dog. The best dog breed choice is up to you, and it depends on what your goal is in keeping a dog. Research your options and make sure you understand the pros and cons of keeping a pure and mixed breed.

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