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Essential Tools for Every Kitchen Starter

If you think that Kitchen is just a place where you cook food, then, you are completely wrong. Instead, a kitchen is a place where you cook happiness. A good meal has the power to change the direction of your mood for the whole day. Working in a kitchen is an art, and it is none less than any other art or skill in this world. It’s an art which can win the hearts of people faster than anything else. But, a delicious meal is not just the result of skills possessed by the cook; the variety of tools that are used by him/her while cooking also plays an important role in it.

Worst cooks can still learnHowever, you cannot see their contribution in creating that happiness directly, but the amount of increment they provide to the skills of a cook cannot be forgotten. Ask your mother or even a famous New York City-based chef about their favorite kitchen tool and they will count their must-have tools while doing the magic in the kitchen. So, today, we have brought together all those essential tools that are must-haves for every kitchen starter from the in-house kitchen to restaurants. Let’s check them out.

Measuring Cups

You must have thought why do you need to buy measuring cups if you already have a measuring scale which is more precise too. But, many a time you will realize that it is quite impractical to weigh out your ingredients. Measuring cups provide you right quantities by volume. You can measure both dry and liquid ingredients from them. The variety of sizes available in a set can be used for different kind of works.

From a big container to the smallest and narrowest spice jars in your kitchen, they can get into each of them. These cups can easily be fitted inside one another which make them space-friendly after use.

An Instant-Read Thermometer

An Instant-Read Thermometer is another such tool which is very essential to test the internal temperature of your food and to make it perfect. If you are making a dish which is largely based on vegetables like sautés, stews or casseroles, you may not require an instant-read thermometer but if you are going to cook something out of meat and want to cook it well, then, an instant-read thermometer is not just a need, but it becomes a necessity.

These thermometers come with long probes to poke into the center of a roast. They are very fast, and their rotating displays make it easier to read temperatures.

A Whisk

A handheld electric mixer is probably the best choice for beating eggs whites and whipping cream and makes your work very easy but if it does not fit in your budget right now, an old-fashioned set of whisk and bowl is the best you can go with. If you are planning to make a pastry, an all-stainless construction whisk is recommended to you because it will not impart off any flavors to high acid recipes. So, for a small budget kitchen starter, a whisk is a must-have tool.

A Loaf Pan

A Loaf pan is a handy tool to make pound cakes, meatloaf or simple yeasted loaves. They are mainly made up of aluminum and steel instead of traditional cast iron which makes them rust-resistant and non-stick. Loaf pans are long-lasting, and thus, they possess the potential to make into the list of most essential tools.

A Chef’s Knife

Can you imagine a kitchen without a good knife? Stop imagining because it is next to impossible. A Chef’s Knife is something which gives a premium look to your kitchen and feels perfect in your hand. From chopping vegetables to boning a chicken or mincing parsley, it will be your ideal companion for every task you will face. It is made up from a single piece of metal (mainly forged steel) that runs straight through the handle. It is long lasting with a perfectly balanced handle and solid riveted construction. A chef’s knife is, however, an expensive little tool to purchase, but its value is worth every dollar invested on it.

A Cutting Board

A cutting board is another must-have tool which is very important for every kitchen starter. Cutting boards are available in a variety of price ranges and a variety of sizes. A fancy wooden carving board is a good investment if you have a good budget and enough money to spare because they are friendly with your knives and are more hygienic than others. But, if you are looking for a cheaper and budget-friendly cutting board, you are recommended to go for a heavy-duty plastic board. You can learn some fun facts about food safety and cutting boards here.

Buying cutting boards with rubberized grips will be a plus but avoid buying small size cutting boards if you want to use them every day and if you cook for more number of people.

A Non-Stick Skillet

If you are looking for a good skillet for cooking egg dishes like omelets and scrambled eggs, a non-stick skillet is the best choice for you. It is a must-have tool because it is not an expensive item to buy but if you are looking something for searing a steak, cooking up a frittata or making pan pizza, a heavy duty cast iron skillet is also a good option for you because it retains heat better than non-stick skillets and are remarkably cheaper in comparison.

Dutch oven can be a versatile cooking toolAn Enameled Dutch Oven

An enamel-coated Dutch oven comes with thick walls and heavy lids which make it an ideal vessel for making soups. The slow heat transfer inside the pot turns your meal juicier and more tender with minimal evaporation while cooking. It’s tall and wide shape enables you to cook large amounts of vegetables and meat at once. It is made up of cast iron which makes it long lasting. If you are searching some items for gifting purposes, an enameled Dutch Oven is probably the best choice for you.

A Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is the basic requirement of every kitchen. So, if you are going to buy one, a Y-shaped vegetable peeler will be recommended to you because of its comfortable handle, carbon steel blades which stays longer than normal stainless steel blades and provides more sharpness for faster work duration.

You miss one, and you burden yourself with extra work. Even if you are going to take a personal chef service for a party or a gathering, you will always see them using most of these tools while working in the kitchen. So, if you love cooking food, you will understand the importance of all these essential tools and if you are the kitchen starter, get your hands on all these tools and get chopping!