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Painless Tips to Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Pet Bonding

You’ve got a wonderful, four-footed friend and now you’ve got to leave it at home alone. Here are a few tips to make this situation as painless as possible for both you and your pet.


Try to take your dog out for a walk just before you are due to leave. This will give it the opportunity to go to the toilet and get rid of some excess energy. The best walk is when you can let your dog run loose so that it can have a good sniff in the bushes and do a bit of exploring. Otherwise, let it out in your garden and play ball or fetch the stick.


Make sure that a bowl of fresh water is available.

Dog Bed

Make sure the dog has somewhere that it will find comfortable and safe to sleep in. Hopefully, this will be its regular box or basket. You might see that your dog likes to keep an item of your clothing with your scent on as a comforter.

Close doors

If you don’t want your dog running all over the house close doors to any rooms, you want them excluded from, but remember that dogs scratch, so this will maybe result in damage to the door or door frame.

Electric cables

Hide any trailing wires or at least unplug them from the electrical supply so that they are safe.


Put away anything that has personal value and can’t be replaced.


If your dog still chews, then provide it with something of its own to chew on. Many dog toys on the market should keep them occupied for hours without it finding the need to chew your best sofa, table legs or cushions.

Trial runs

The first time you leave your pet, only leave it for a short time. Try half an hour, then gradually increase the period of absence, so that the dog knows that you are going to return. Try to keep your periods away to a minimum and never longer than five hours. If you have to be missing for longer than this, ask a neighbor or friend to pop in and let the dog out. Just consider how uncomfortable you feel when you want to use the bathroom an how often you have to go in the day.

Greet your dog

Be ready for an incredible welcome when you arrive home, let your pet have a few precious moments of your time so that it can tell you how much you’ve been missed and then take it for a walk to relieve itself and get some welcome fresh air. If your house is as you left it, then give a biscuit or chew as a reward. If there’s damage then you need to reassess the cause, perhaps leave the radio on for a company or find a dog sitting friend.